Page 8-2 - Mesh Exercise

Page 8-2 - Mesh Exercise

Your turn.

In the world below (file 2-mesh.js) make three objects and place them into the world so all can be seen.

They can be anything. They just must have 3 or more triangles, and you have to make each one from a Geometry and put them into the 559 Framework. You can even use the objects from later parts of the assignments (Pages 6,7) if they fullfill the requirements.

  1. One object must have face coloring where we can see triangles with different colors.
  2. One object must have vertex coloring where we can see the colors smoothly varying across a triangle boundary.
  3. One object must have vertex normals set so the lighting is smooth across a triangle boundary.

You could take the right two objects from page 1 box 3, and the right object from page 1 box 4 to fill these requirements. Except that you need to have at least 3 triangles in each object, and simply copying my code may not be as good of a learning experience as really trying it yourself.

The other requirement is that it should be visibly obvious which object fills which requirement. (the smooth normals might require rotating it to see).

This page is meant to be practice for the bigger exercises on pages 5, 6 and 7.

After you've done it, go on to Page 3