Page 8-7 - A Car for Graphics town

Page 8-7 - A Car for Graphics town

The pedagogical goals of this exercise are to give you practice defining shapes with meshes and adding textures to them.

In graphics town, you will need vehicles. A cars, trucks, trains, or maybe other things.

So in this page, please make one. It has to have wheels on the ground. But other than that, few restrictions - you can have a primitive (like a box or something) for the body. The vehicle must either have shape or texture to make it look like a car/truck/train.

If you want a simple train made out of primitives, you can look at this tutorial for a simple train made out of primitives. If you use it, be sure to give attribution (and put it into the graphics town framework).

To get the point for this page, you just have to have a simple car (defined as a GrObject in 7-car.js and placed into the world in 7-cardemo.html).

You will need vehicles for the future assignments, so effort you put into making nice vehicles now will pay off in future workbooks. You can make more vehicle types later - but you may want to do some of the work now. (hint: you will need at least a train and a car/truck in future weeks).

The rules for finding and importing object files and textures are the same as for page 6.

Your Vehicles should be subclasses of GrObject. Your work goes into 7-car.js and 7-1-cardemo.js. You'll see it in 7-cardemo.html).